We are so excited to be finally moving into our clubhouse after 4 long years working so hard to achieve that it is now a reality! We’ve certainly had to jump through a few hoops, but so as not to rock the boat we just asked ‘how high?’.

Monday night, January 21st is our first meeting for 2019, which we will have 3 stations set up.
* Still life (inside)
* Light sheet (outside) to photograph bugs etc.
* February competition upload on club computer.  For this (financial) members need to bring their February entries on a USB sized to the NEW sizing of 1080 x 1920 pixels saved in jpeg format, sRGB colour space. If you are entering prints please bring a jpeg of the prints on the USB as well sized to the above pixels. (Prints will not be judged from the thumbnail, but as a print on the competition night).

Bring your camera gear… camera, flash, macro gear if you have it… bring it all!

Looking forward to seeing you all!